B. Ed in Special Education

B. Ed in Special Education: Career, Syllabus, Eligibility

B. Ed. in Special Education is a course that focuses on teaching individuals with special needs. Special education is an important field that plays a vital role in ensuring that individuals with disabilities receive an education that is tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

SGT University offers B. Ed. in Special Education courses across different specializations under its Faculty of Education. Currently, these are the most sought-after B. Ed. in special education courses across Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, and Haryana.

B. Ed. in Special Education Course Syllabus

The B. Ed. in Special Education course is generally a two-year program that includes both theoretical and practical components.

The theoretical component covers subjects such as psychology, sociology, and teaching, while the practical component includes training in teaching methods and techniques to educate students with special needs. The course curriculum is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the principles of special education and to develop their skills in working with individuals with disabilities.

To see the complete syllabus of B. Ed. in special education courses at SGT, check this page. https://education.sgtuniversity.ac.in/

B. Ed. in Special Education Eligibility

To be eligible for the B. Ed. in Special Education course students must have completed their Under Graduate (UG) degree in any field with a minimum of 50% marks. Additionally, students might have to pass an entrance exam or an interview as per the discretion of the university.

B. Ed. in Special Education Career Possibilities

Upon completing the B. Ed. in Special Education course, graduates can pursue a vast range of career options in both India and abroad. Some of the common job roles performed by B.Ed. in special education graduates are:

  • Teachers in special education schools or as special educators in mainstream schools: These professionals work with individuals with disabilities to develop their educational and social skills, and to support their overall development.
  • Work in rehabilitation centers: They help individuals with disabilities to develop their skills and to lead independent lives.
  • Graduates can also work as researchers, developing new teaching methods and techniques for individuals with special needs.
  • They can also work as consultants, providing advice and support to schools and organizations that work with individuals with disabilities.
  • Additionally, many professionals from this field go on to pursue higher education like Masters Degree or pursue research in the field of special education (Phd). They can also take up teaching positions in universities and colleges.

The demand for special educators is increasing in India as the government and society at large are paying more attention to the education of students with disabilities. This has led to an increase in the number of special education schools and mainstream schools offering inclusive education in the country.


B. Ed. in Special Education is a fulfilling and rewarding career option that offers graduates a wide range of job opportunities. The field of special education is growing rapidly in India and is an essential aspect of providing inclusive education to all individuals.

Best University to Learn B.Ed in Special Education

SGT University offers the following B. Ed in special education courses under its Faculty of Education:

Currently the University has some of the best teachers across India in its Faculty of Education that teaches B.Ed. in special education courses.

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