CPS 2 Part II: Pedagogy of Biological Science

Course Description: This course develops among students understanding of the basic principles and practices of Science Education relevant to teaching Biological Science in present scenario.

S. No


Learning Objectives
(At the end of the session the student should be able to)

Teaching Guidelines




  • Measurement and Evaluation


  • Differentiate between measurement and evaluation

To cover definition and concept of measurement and evaluation

  • Didactic
  • Student Interactive Sessions


2 Hrs


  • Types of Evaluation
  • Discuss formative, summative and diagnostic types of evaluation

To cover Formative, Summative, Diagnostic evaluation

  • Didactic
  • Student Interactive Sessions

2 Hrs


  • Achievement Test
  • Prepare an objective type achievement test for Biological Science
  • Explain attributes of a good achievement test

To cover Preparation of an Objective type Achievement Test in Biological Science; Attributes of a Good Achievement Test

  • Power Point Presentations
  • Project Method
  • Demonstration method


4 Hrs


  • Grading
  • Describe significance of grading system
  • Illustrate absolute and relative grading with examples

To cover different types of Grading

  • Didactic
  • Student Interactive Sessions


2 Hrs


  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Explain the meaning of the terms continuous and comprehensive
  • Elaborate the process of continuous and comprehensive evaluation
  • Discuss the techniques of evaluation employed in the process of CCE

To cover concept, process, merits and demerits of continuous and comprehensive evaluation

  • Power Point Presentations
  • Project Method
  • Student Interactive Session

4 Hrs


  • Learning in Biological Sciences


  • Give a detailed description of peer learning and group learning
  • Emphasize on the importance of team teaching in biological science

To cover Peer Learning, Group Learning and Team Teaching

  • Power Point Presentations
  • Student Interactive Sessions

4 Hrs


  • Biology Laboratory
  • Design a biological laboratory for senior secondary level
  • Enumerate the instruments and specimens required for a biological laboratory

To cover Design, Organization & Management of a Biological Laboratory

  • Didactic
  • Demonstration Method
  • Visit to Biology Laboratory

4 Hrs


  • Use of ICT in Biological Sciences
  • Search online resources in the field of Biological Sciences
  • Use available online ICT tools in Biological Sciences

To cover tools and Online ICT resources in Biological Sciences

  • Power Point Presentations
  • Visit to ICT Laboratory


4 Hrs


  • Resources in Biological Science at various stages of school


  • Utilize Biology experiment kits in the teaching learning of the subject
  • Make use of various learning resources in Biology to make their teaching effective

To cover use of Science and Biology Experiment Kits in teaching-learning of Biology; Need and significance of various learning resources in Biology

  • Didactic
  • Visit to Biological Laboratory

4 Hrs