CPS 2 Part II: Pedagogy of English

Course Description: This course is designed to help the students to gain an insight into nature of language competence and language proficiency through various approaches and methods to

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Learning Objectives
(At the end of the session the student should be able to)

Teaching Guidelines




  • Language
  • Discus the nature and scope of English language
To cover nature and scope of Language
  • Didactic
  • Student Interactive Sessions


3 Hrs


  • Role of Language in Life
  • Explain role of language in social and cultural development of a child
  • Discuss importance of language in developing intellectual and emotional aspects of life
To cover Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Cultural Development
  • Didactic
  • Student Interactive Sessions

4 Hrs


  • Language Acquisition Vs. Language Learning
  • Relate language acquisition and language learning
To cover concept of language acquisition and language learning
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Visit to language lab


3 Hrs


  • Action Research
  • Define action research
  • Discuss the steps of carrying out action research
  • Conduct an action research to solve classroom problem
To cover concept and identification of problems faced by the teachers in the classroom
  • Didactic
  • Demonstration
  • Problem Solving Method


3 Hrs


  • Critical Appraisal of an English text book


  • Critically analyse an English text book
To cover text book review; its importance and process
  • Project Method
  • Demonstration


3 Hrs


  • An English Teacher
  • Describe professional competencies and responsibilities of an English teacher in school
To cover Professional Competencies & Responsibilities
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Didactic

3 Hrs


  • Pedagogical Analysis
  • Explain the importance of pedagogical analysis
  • Give explanation of steps involved in pedagogical analysis
  • Prepare pedagogical analysis on topics of prose and poetry


To cover meaning, importance and steps of Pedagogical Analysis; Pedagogical Analysis on any two topics of Prose & Poetry each
  • Didactic
  • Discussion with students
  • Demonstration Method

10 Hrs

  • Vocabulary in English
  • Discuss meaning and importance of vocabulary
  • Describe functions of vocabulary in the acquisition of English language
  • Tell the role of a teacher in developing vocabulary of a child
To cover meaning, importance and types of vocabulary; Role of Teacher in improving the Vocabulary of students
  • Demonstration Method
  • Visit to Library
  • Project Method

3 Hrs