PE 4: Gender, School and Society

Course Description: This course aims to develop basic understanding and familiarity with concept of Gender and its intersection with class, caste, religion and region. It also intends to make aware about the process of socialization at home and school.

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Learning Objectives
(At the end of the session the student should be able to)

Teaching Guidelines




  • Gender Issues


  • Explain patriarchic nature of Indian society
  • Give examples of gender stereotype in society
  • Differentiate between equity and equality
To cover Gender and Patriarchy, Gender Bias, Gender Stereotyping, Equity and Equality in relation with Caste, Class, Religion, Ethnicity, Disability and Region.
  • Student Interactive Sessions
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Brain Storming Session

6 Hrs


  • Historical backdrop of Gender


  • Elucidate some landmarks in the history of women empowerment
To cover some Landmarks in Socio-Economic and Education upliftment of status of Girls and Women
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Project Method

2 Hrs


  • Theories on Gender and Education (Application in Indian context)
  • Give a detailed account of various theories related to gender and education
To cover Socialization theory; Gender difference theory;  Structural theory; Deconstructive theory
  • Didactic
  •  Power Point Presentation


4 Hrs


  • Gender Identities and Socialization
  • Describe the practices concerned with gender in various organizations
To cover Practices in Family, Schools and other Formal and Informal Organizations; Teacher as an Agent of Change
  • Problem based learning
  • Discussion Method

4 Hrs


  • Socialization and Home


  • Delineate the role of family in the socialization of child
  • Describe parenting styles and their impact on socialization
To cover family as a social institution, parenting styles and their impact, transmission of parental expectations and values
  • Problem based learning
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Didactic

3 Hrs


  • Socialization and the Community:


  • Explain mutual dependence of man and society
  • Put in plain words the role of society in socialization
To cover neighborhood, extended family, religious groups and their socialization functions, mutual dependence of man and society
  • Didactic
  • Student Interactive Session

3 Hrs


  • Socialization and School


  • Discuss relative role of school and society in the formation of value system of a child
  • Clarify concept of gender equity and secular values
To cover impact of entry to school, relation between school and society, value formation in the context of schooling (role of schooling in developing Gender Equity and Secular Values)
  • Didactic
  • Student Interactive Session

3 Hrs


  • Understanding interface between Home, Community and School


  • Analyse  relationship between home, school and community with respect to socialization of child
To cover relationship and interdependence of various agencies in the process of socialization of child
  • Didactic
  • Student Interactive Session

3 Hrs


  • Preventive Measures


  • Suggest preventive measures for child abuse and sexual harassment
  • Create awareness regarding legal perspective recent initiatives of Government of India
To cover Sexual Harassment and Abuse; Laws and Recent Initiatives of Government of India
  • Team teaching
  • Visit to Law Department and library


4 Hrs