PE 7: Health and Physical Education

Course Description: This course would enable the students to have an understanding of need, importance and aims of physical education. Aim of this course is to help the students in keeping themselves fit physically and mentally.

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Learning Objectives
(At the end of the session the student should be able to)

Teaching Guidelines




  • Health


  • Discuss health needs of children and adolescents
  • Describe various communicable diseases and their mode of transmission
  • Enumerate elements of a balanced diet
  • Create awareness regarding good food habits
To cover Health: Concept, definition, dimensions and determinants; Health needs of children and adolescents including differently abled students; Factors influencing health; Communicable Diseases: Mode of transmission, Methods of prevention and control; Nutrition: Elements of Balanced Diet, Food Habits, Functions of Food and Malnutrition
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Student Interactive Session
  • Brain Storming Session


8 Hrs


  • Health Education


  • Explain the concept, aims and objectives of health and physical education
  • Depict role of teacher in inculcating good healthy habits among children
To cover concept, Aims and Objectives of Health Education;  Role of the Teacher in School Health Programs
  • Project Method
  • Didactic

2 Hrs


  • Physical Education


  • Discuss need and scope of physical education
  • Define integrated personality
To cover concept, misconception, Aims and Objectives; Need, Scope and Importance of Physical Education Programs at different school levels; Concept of Integrated Personality and its realization through Physical Education Program
  • Didactic
  •  Student Interactive Sessions
  • Problem based learning


6 Hrs


  • Physical fitness


  • Discuss meaning and importance of physical fitness
To cover meaning, importance, motor component of Physical Fitness (Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Speed, Agility and Neuro-muscular Coordination)
  • Demonstration
  • Sports activities
  • Discussion Method

3 Hrs


  • Posture


  • Recognise the significance of good posture
  • Demonstrate some good postures of sitting while working and studying
To cover meaning, importance of Good posture, Causes of Poor Posture, Common Postural Deformities, preventive measures and remedial Exercises
  • Demonstration
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Visit to Gymnasium


2 Hrs


  • Yoga
  • Explain the modern concept and relevance of yoga in life
  • Perform yoga asanas for fitness and peace of mind
To cover modern concept, need, importance and Principles.
  • Demonstration
  • Practicing Yoga asanas

5 Hrs


  • Recreation
  • Conduct recreational activities and programmes
To cover concept, importance of recreation programme in school curriculum
  • Didactic
  • Student Interactive Session
  • Demonstration

2 Hrs


  • First Aid
  • Create awareness regarding the importance of first aid
  • Prepare first aid kit themselves
To cover concept and importance of First Aid and First Aid Kit
  • Demonstration
  • Activity Based Learning
  • Visit to SGT Hospital

2 Hrs


  • Contemporary Health problems
  • Discuss health problems of modern India due to changing life style
To cover Drug Abuse, Alcoholism, Smoking-tobacco, Obesity, Stress
  • Brain Storming Session
  • Visit to SGT Hospital
  • Demonstration

2 Hrs