PE 8: Understanding Disciplines and Subjects

Course Description: This course would enable the students to understand the paradigm shift in the nature of disciplinarily and nature of education as a discipline.

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Learning Objectives
(At the end of the session the student should be able to)

Teaching Guidelines




  • The Doctrine of Disciplines
  • Describe the characteristics and nature of a discipline
  • Discuss paradigm shift in the nature of disciplines
  • Explain the nature of education as a discipline

To cover Disciplinary Knowledge: Nature and Scope; interdisciplinary Knowledge: Nature, Scope and Need; Meaning, Characteristics and Nature of Academic Disciplines; Role of Discipline Knowledge in the school curriculum

  • Power Point Presentation
  • Brain Storming Session
  • Student Interactive Session

8 Hrs


  • Paradigm shifts in the nature of Disciplines


  • Depict the history and origin of pedagogic subjects
  • Differentiate between  interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach

To cover History and Origin of Pedagogic Subjects; Philosophical, Sociological & Educational Perspective; Understanding Subjects: Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary and Trans-disciplinary Approach within different subjects

  • Power Point Presentations
  • Project Method
  • Didactic

8 Hrs


  • Interdisciplinary nature of Knowledge


  • Critically analyse education as a discipline
  • Discuss interdisciplinary nature of education
  • Relate education with other disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, sociology and economics

To cover Critical analysis of Education as a discipline/ area of study; Education as a socially contrived system influenced by different factors; Interdisciplinary nature of Education; relationships with disciplines/ subjects such as Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Management, Economics, Anthropology etc.

  • Didactic
  •  Student Interactive Sessions


6 Hrs


  • Theoretical Perspective of Education


  • Elaborate contemporary challenges of school education
  • Establish a link between education and other developmental sectors
  • Describe emerging dimensions of school and teacher education

To cover School Education – contemporary challenges; Linkage between Education and other development sectors; Emerging dimensions of School and Teacher Education; Knowledge and Pedagogy

  • Didactic
  • Student Interactive Session
  • Team Teaching

5 Hrs


  • Support System of Education


  • Explain the support system of education
  • Name the learning resources for education
  • Discuss the role of textbooks and multimedia as learning resources

To cover Re-conceptualism of learning resources – Textbooks, Workbooks and Multimedia; Monitoring and Evaluation of schools

  • Team Teaching
  • Didactic
  • Student Interactive Sessions

5 Hrs