Education Tutelage


The Faculty of Education, Department of Education at SGT University, Gurugram, has formed an Academic Association (“TUTELAGE”) in accordance with the University’s rules for the formation of an academic association. TUTELAGE works for attaining the common objectives of its members as common interests bind the members together. It involves thinking about assisting students with the effects of learning, mind, emotions, and personal relationships. Its goal is to provide a platform for students to organize subject-related activities and events, as well as gain experience in conceptualizing, planning, and executing various tasks, as well as learn to work as part of a team, showcase their academic strengths, and take on leadership roles when necessary.
From among the elected Class Representatives of current batches of B.Ed. and M.Ed. students in the faculty, the following individuals have been appointed to the specified posts in the Student Executive Council (SEC).

Advirosy Mentoring Committe
The Executive Council of Tutelage
Admissions Open