Syllabus | B. Ed. | CPS 2 Part II: Pedagogy of Biological Sciences

CPS 2 Part II: Pedagogy of Biological Sciences

S. No Topic Domain Hours
Unit – I Evaluation in Biological Science

    • Concept of measurement and evaluation
    • Types of Evaluation: Formative, Summative, Diagnostic
    • Preparation of an Objective type Achievement Test in Biological Science
    • Attributes of a Good Achievement Test
    • Different types of Grading
    • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Must Know


Unit – II Learning Resources in Biological Science

  • Peer Learning, Group Learning and Team Teaching
  • Biology Laboratory: Design, Organization & Management
  • Use of ICT tools and Online resources in Biological Science at various stages of school
  • Use of Science and Biology Experiment Kits in teaching-learning of Biology
  • Need and significance of various learning resources in Biology
Must Know

Desirable to Know


Tasks & Assignments: Any One Activity

  • Actual experience of a Biology laboratory of school and presentation of report.
  • Make a list of safety measures being taken in the laboratories.
  • Report of one Action Research carried out in practicing school.


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