CPS 2: Pedagogy of Biological Sciences

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Unit – I Biological Science: Aims and Objectives

  • Nature, History, Scope and Interdisciplinary linkage of Biological Sciences
  • General Aims and Objectives of Biological Sciences
  • Facts and Principles of Biology & its applications consistent with the Stages of Cognitive Development of learners, Origin of life and Evolution, Biodiversity, Observation and Experiments in Biological Science.
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy of educational objectives
  • Formulation of specific objective of
  • Biological Science in behavioral terms


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Unit – II Pedagogical Analysis and Action Research

  • Meaning, Importance and Steps of Pedagogical Analysis
  • Pedagogical Analysis on the following


Ø  Photosynthesis,

Ø  Human digestive system,

Ø  Food Chain,

Ø  Ecological Balance

  • Action Research: Concept and Identification of problems faced by the teachers in the classroom
  • Development of scientific attitude and temper and nurturance of curiosity, creativity and value


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Unit – III Instructional Material, Approaches and Skills

  • Development of Instructional Material: Unit planning, Lesson planning, Preparation of
  • Teaching aids, Development of Demonstration Experiments.
  • Development of Self-Instructional Materials, Linear Programme
  • Teaching Strategies: Problem Solving, Investigatory Approach, Collaborative Learning, Experimental Learning, Constructivist Approach
  • Micro Teaching Skills: Skill of Introducing the Lesson, Skill of Questioning, Skill of Illustration, Skill of Explaining, Skill of Stimulus Variation



Must Know



Unit – IV Professional Development of a Biological Science Teacher

  • Need and Importance for Professional Development at Individual level, Organizational level and Government level
  • Need and Relevance of Participation in Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Symposia etc as well as membership of Professional Organizations in Professional Development of teachers
  • Field Visits to Institutions/ Organizations such as Schools, Museums, Parks, Research Organizations etc.
  • Preparing the Teacher for Technology Integration: Planning with Integrating Technology for Inquiry (NTeQ) in Biology at Senior Secondary school level
  • Teacher as a Researcher: Need and Competencies


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Tasks & Assignments: Any Two Activities

  • Prepare a Model of Food Chain
  • Prepare a Model of Respiratory System
  • Prepare a Model of Excretory System
  • Visit a nearby school and prepare a report on Biological Science Teaching


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