Pedagogy of English

S. No Topic Domain Hours
Unit – I Language: Nature, Scope and Role in Life

    • Nature and Scope of Language
    • Role of Language in Life: Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Cultural Development
    • Language Acquisition Vs. Language Learning
    • Action Research: Concept and Identification of problems faced by the teachers in the classroom
    • Critical Appraisal of an English text book
Desirable to Know

Must Know

Nice to Know

Unit – II Pedagogical Analysis, English Teacher and Vocabulary

    • An English Teacher: Professional Competencies and Responsibilities
    • Meaning, Importance and Steps of Pedagogical Analysis
    • Pedagogical Analysis on any two topics of Prose & Poetry each
    • Vocabulary in English: Meaning, Importance and Types
    • Role of Teacher in improving the Vocabulary of students
Must Know 16

Tasks & Assignments: Any One Activity

  • Prepare an outline for a school magazine.
  • Identify and list Language (English) related errors common among students.
  • Prepare a list of idioms, proverb in English
  • Make a list of the word games to improve vocabulary of students.

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