EPC 2: Drama and Art in Education


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Unit – I Understanding Drama and Arts in Education

  • Meaning and Concept of ‘Art’ and ‘Arts in Education’
  • Understanding Aesthetics and its relevance in Education
  • Drama and Arts as Pedagogy of Learning and Development-understanding Drama and Arts
  • Visual & Performing Arts and their importance in teaching- learning of different subjects at school level.
  • Range of art activities in drama
  • Experiencing, responding and appreciating drama
  • Exposure to selective basic skills required for drama
  • Drama: Facilitating interest among students: planning and implementing activities
  • Enhancing learning through drama for children with and without special needs: strategies and adaptations

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Desirable to Know



Unit – II
  • Arts in Life
    • Methods of Visual Arts: Painting, Block Painting, Collage, Clay Modeling, Paper Cutting and folding
    • Knowledge of Indian Art – from earliest to the contemporary
    • Indian Festivals and Fairs, the traditions and their significance, the spirit of celebrations as a social phenomenon
    • Meaning, Objectives, Types and Styles of Indian Music
    • Importance of Music in Life
  • Creative Art
    • Creative Pictorial or Geometrical Designs
    • Surface Design-Floor Decoration (Alpana, Rangoli, Wall Decoration)
    • Poster Design (Monochrome/ Multi-colour)
    • Collecting and arranging rare Photographs, Photo Print on various themes
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Sessional Work:

  • Role Playing activity for historical/ contemporary personalities wherein students play

the role of that personality to advocate his/ her opinions/ decisions/ thought processes (for

example, Akbar, Mahatma Gandhi, Galileo, Bhagat Singh etc.)

  • Write a self-reflective essay on how this course on art will make you a better teacher
  • Learn and briefly explain how music notations are made. Submit a brief report or learn

and explain the concept of composition in visual art. Submit a brief report or make

and submit a sample advertisement for a product or Learn Mudras of a classical dance

forms and hold a session for the students on that. Submit photo report of the same

  • Carry out web search on Indian sculpture and submit a brief compilation
  • Organizing Art, Craft and Music exercises with small groups followed by discussions and


  • Observe an art period in a school and briefly write your reflections on it.


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