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 PE 6: Health and Physical Education


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Unit – I
  • Health
    • Health: Concept, definition, dimensions and determinants
    • Health needs of children and adolescents including differently abled students
    • Factors influencing health
    • Communicable Diseases: Mode of transmission, Methods of prevention and control
    • Nutrition: Elements of Balanced Diet, Food Habits, Functions of Food and Malnutrition
  • Health Education
    • Concept, Aims and Objectives of Health Education
    • Role of the Teacher in School Health Programs
  • Physical Education
    • Concept, Misconception, Aims and Objectives
    • Need, Scope and Importance of Physical Education Programs at different school levels
    • Concept of Integrated Personality and its realization through Physical Education Program
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Unit – II
  • Physical fitness: Meaning, Importance, Motor Component of Physical Fitness (Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Speed, Agility and Neuro-muscular Coordination)
  • Posture: Meaning, Importance of Good posture, Causes of Poor Posture, Common Postural Deformities, preventive measures and remedial Exercises
  • Yoga: Modern Concept, Need, Importance and Principles.
  • Recreation: Concept, Importance of recreation programme in school curriculum
  • First Aid: Concept and importance of First Aid and First Aid Kit
  • Contemporary Health problems: Drug Abuse, Alcoholism, Smoking-tobacco, Obesity, Stress
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Tasks & Assignments: Any Two Activities

  • Any two postural deformities and their management
  • Activities for development of physical fitness, i.e. strength, speed, endurance and flexibility
  • Learning Self-Defense Activities and preparing report.
  • Write a project report on BMI of students.
  • Practical knowledge of first aid (snake bites, dog bites, sprain, abrasion, fractures, dislocation)

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