About the Faculty

SGT University is constantly working towards its mission of delivering quality Education and preparing potential intellectuals in a number of disciplines. Faculty of Education is another feather in its cap which offers Teacher Education course like

• Bachelor of Education

• Master of Education

Bachelor of Education program is comprised of three broad interrelated curricular areas-

  • Perspectives in Education

    Perspectives in Education which includes course related to Child Development, Contemporary India, Learning and Teaching, Knowledge and Curriculum etc. These courses help the students delve deep to understand the basics of Teacher Education. These courses shall develop a conceptual understanding about issues of diversity, inequality and marginalization in Indian society and the implications for education.

  • Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies

    Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies help in the development of teaching skills which enables one to become an effective teacher. These courses shall aim to develop in students an understanding of the curriculum, linking school knowledge with community life.

  • Engagement with the field

    Engagement with the field as a part of course curriculum is a visible strength of the programme. Such field works/ project enables students in putting their theoretical knowledge of the discipline into practice leading to holistic development of would be teachers.
    The products of B. Ed. programme can join the noble profession of teaching in Govt. / Private Schools. They can also find placement as Counselors (with MA Psychology/ diploma in Guidance and Counseling), as Education consultants, subject and pedagogy experts in companies like Extra marks.

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) Programme is designed to provide opportunities to would be Teacher Educators to extend as well as deepen their knowledge and understanding of Education, Specialize in select areas and also develop research competencies leading to specialization in either Elementary Education or Secondary Education. The products of M.Ed. programme can find placements as Teacher Educators in IASEs, DIETs, Directorates of Education, Councils of Secondary/Higher Secondary Education, SCERTs, Colleges of Education and University Education Departments. The Faculty of Education intends to provide opportunities for interactive and participative learning where learners do not remain passive listeners but are groomed as active participants in the teaching learning process through visits, role playing, hands-on experiences, case studies, research projects, discussions on reflective issues, observations and interaction with the community in multiple socio-cultural environments so that the potential of students may not remain inchoate in the absence of meaningful exposure.

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