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Best Career Options after B.Ed & M.Ed – Check Scope, Courses after B.Ed & M.Ed

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SGT University offers a Teacher Tanning Programme under the Faculty of Education, which is one of the pioneers and leading departments of the university. The university located at Gurugram,(Budeshra) is providing one of the best training programs under the Department of Education. 

The Faculty of Education provide a varied program that specializes in various discipline in education, including B.Ed., M.Ed., and Ph.D. in Education. Programs are basically designed as it offers professional development the area that is crucial to career advancement in the field of education and works for innovation in the new practices and high impact teaching strategies. 

The Department of Education emphasizes interdisciplinary research to build competitive capabilities among trainees by focusing on e-learning, hands-on experience, and practical-based education. The department offering learning beyond the four walls of the classroom, well-integrated and holistic development of teacher-trainee.Faculties of the university pay full attention to imparting skills that have huge demands in today’s technology-based educational world.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Education is a sector that offers a number of jobs. SGT University offers a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) course for those students who want to pursue a career in teaching and other related to teaching fields. For teaching in secondary level and senior secondary level B.Ed. Degree is considered compulsory for your profession.

 The students who have a graduation degree whether it is in Art, Commerce, and Science stream can do a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from SGTU. After completion of this course, students become efficient in teaching subjects of your specialized subjects. The course develops your skills and widens your understanding of regarding teaching-learning process. During the course students becomes more competent in understanding students’ behavior according to a psychological point of view.

After B.Ed. Future opportunities are:


    • Become a teacher in Govt. and Private schools.

    • Teach online/offline modes at a coaching centre.

    • Become a teacher in KVS/JNVS and Army schools

    • Open your own coaching institute and teach students.

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Master of education is a two-year post-graduation degree programme that opens up ample career opportunities for students in the field of education. Students can take admission in M.Ed. course after completing their B.Ed. course. It is a professional course that widens the candidate’s knowledge by providing hands-on experience about the various ways of educating the students.

The course not only focuses on deep knowledge about education but also allows the students to choose various specialized areas in teaching and develop their research capabilities.

After M.Ed. Future opportunities are:


    • Become a teacher educator in govt. / private teacher training institutes.

    • A counselor Govt./ Privates Schools

    • Principal at Govt./ Privates Schools

    • Curriculum Developer

    • Educational Administrator

Ph.D. in  Education

This doctorate course is opted for by students who want to build their careers in the field of higher education or research at the university level. The faculty of education course prepares students for higher career opportunities. The aim of the course is to develop skills among scholars and facilitate educational research that will improve the professional knowledge of scholars.

After Ph.D. Future opportunities are:


    • To become a university professor

    • To become a professor at Govt./ private teacher training colleges

    • Research analysis

    • Curriculum Developer

                                                                                                        Dr. Manita Devi
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                                                                                                 Faculty of Education
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