You are currently viewing Swacchanjali Celebrated on 2nd October 2023 at SGT University

Swacchanjali Celebrated on 2nd October 2023 at SGT University

The Swachhata Abhiyan, also known as the Cleanliness Drive, is a nationwide campaign in India that aims to promote cleanliness and hygiene in various public spaces. The campaign is not only limited to cleaning physical spaces but also encompasses the promotion of a cleaner and healthier environment. This nationwide campaign was being organised in the name of Swacchanjali at SGT University on 2nd October 2023. All the Faculties of SGT University took active intiative in this cleanliness campaign.

Prof. (Dr.) Madhavi Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Education along with Faculty members and nonteaching members of Faculty of Education, Department of Education and Special Education started the cleanliness campaign “Swacchanjali” at 10 AM on 2nd October 2023. The faculty members of Faculty of Education started the campaign of cleaning the surroundings of E Block of the University. The administration department supplied the cleaning materials. The members maintaining the hygienic measures cleaned the adjacent park, back side of E Block, in and outside of Gate No. 2.

The campaign drive was honored with the presence of Prof. (Dr.) Waheeda Khan, Advisor, SGT University, madam with her delightful presence encouraged and motivated the other members to actively participate. Madam gave her insightful thoughts for the day in front of others.

Prof. (Dr.) Suresh C. Joshi, Director, Digital Learning, SGT University was also present in the cleanliness drive, whose active gesture motivated all others present to clean more proactively. Dr. Joshi at the end of cleanliness drive, spoke on the theme of the day, through his speech, he emphasized cleaning the inner mind along with cleaning the physical space. He stressed the fact of cleaning and focusing on inner self, which is more important for personal growth and development, which may instill upon the organization development as a whole.

Prof. (Dr.) Madhavi Sharma, Dean Faculty of Education, through her affectionate gesture, inculcated team spirit among the members. She gave a short informal speech relating to the theme of the day.

The campaign drive was framed digitally by the expert photographer of the university, Mr. Sandeep Sharma, Asst. Prof. Faculty of Education prepared the reel of the campaign drive and promoted in various social sites like Instagram, Facebook etc.

The program concluded with the group photograph with banner. The Swacchanjali Campaign drive was an inspiring, motivating, and informal get-together type of event. The Faculty of Education, from the core of its heart, extends warm gratitude for the support received from the University to organize the campaign drive successfully.