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Field visits to Various institutes to give field exposure

Department of Special Education, Faculty of Education, SGT University organized a Field Visit to give practical exposure to the newcomer students of B.Ed./D.Ed. Special Education on 18th to 20th September 2023.

This educational visit was organized at the State Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (Rohtak), Khooshboo Welfare Society Gurugram, and Renu Vidya Mandir Sonipat. 

The main purpose behind this visit was to provide exposure of understanding about special education and rehabilitation services for Children with special needs. A brief introduction was given by the head, about their institute and highlighted the purpose of special education.

This visit was organized with the help of Professor (Dr) Madhavi Sharma, Dean Faculty of Education, and coordinated by Mr. Ravinder Saini, (Assistant Professor) Ms. Poonam Talwar. (Assistant Professor) Mr. Sandeep Kumar (Assistant Professor), Mr. Parveen Kumar Jat (Lecturer cum Sign Language Interpreter), and Mr. Chandan Kumar Dubey (Assistant Professor). Mr. Kishan Lal Bairwa (Assistant Professor)