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Series of CBR Programmes “Under the Academic Associations”

Organized a series of four CBR Programmes “Under the Academic Associations” This series of program dated on  10th March 2023 with B.Ed. and D.Ed. special education. This Community Based Programme was organized at Galibpur (Jhuljhuli) Village Gurgaon, the main purpose behind this Programme to aware about Vocational Training for children with disabilities. Students from Department of Special Education went and did door to door survey. They highlighted the positive aspects of vocational Training and made people aware about how vocational training help to children with disabilities. The program was organised by Prof. (Dr.) Madhavi Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Education, coordinated by Ms. Poonam Talwar Asst. Prof., Mr. Ravinder Saini Asst Prof and Mr. Sandeep Kumar Asst.Prof. and Co-coordinated by Mr. Parveen Kumar Jat Asst.Prof. and Ms Divya Sharma Asst.Prof. Mr. Chandan Kumar Dubey Asst.Prof.,Mr. Kishan Lal Bairwa Asst.Prof., Mr. Abhra Mukherjee Asst.Prof. and Mr. Sarfraz Iqbal Asst.Prof.

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